Lavender & Garlic Roast Lamb

The lavender bushes near me have been taking a bit of a beating from last week’s remarkable heat and sunshine. I was just about thinking that my summer of cooking with fresh lavender was over – until I went to see my sister in Cheshire. Round there it’s still lavender a-plenty.

For the past few months I’ve been using these flavoursome flowers in all kinds of recipes where rosemary would usually go. Particularly successfully in this joint of lamb with a paste of lavender and garlic rubbed into it.

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Rhubarb and Rosemary Coupe

Rhubarb may be edging towards the end of its season but there’s plenty of summer left. So before the rhubarb finishes entirely I’ll be making bottles of cordial for later-summer mixing with sparkling water or wine.

And I’ll be indulging in this ice-cream sundae treat which marries the rhubarb with another great British classic – rosemary.

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